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"Spreading my wings in nature" - Living Aura Moss Art


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Taking flight in nature must be purely magical. This custom art has been created to represent the beauty of a Blue Heron taking flight in the comfort of its natural environment. Moss, ferns, branches, and other flora surround a limited edition paper casting. The Artist, Mona King has combined multi-mediums onto one canvas. This combines, painting, paper casting, and preserved moss into a work of art that will peak your imagination. The canvas size is 24 inches x 48 inches in a Natural wood canvas floater frame.

All-natural elements are preserved and do not require additional maintenance. Keep away from direct sunlight. Best if kept in environments with 30 percent humidity to keep moss soft. No Maintenance is required. No direct sunlight. Not suitable for outdoors.

This frame, if on exhibition will not be available for immediate shipping and is subject to a previous sale. You will be notified if it is not available for immediate shipping. The price includes Standard shipping to the continental United States. 

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